Welcome To Julie Hansen Intuitive!

My life’s purpose is to help people by channeling intuitive guidance. Expect my sessions to be deeply healing, restorative and like nothing you have experienced before.

About Intuitive Readings

I offer gentle intuitive guidance through phone and email readings. I combine my intuitive abilities with my ten years experience as a Reiki Master.  Every session involves sending healing energy and information to shift patterns that prevent clients from living their authentic selves. My intention is to make the information I relay practical and accessible. My readings are heart centered- guiding my clients with information they are open and ready to hear.

I have gotten tremendously positive feedback over the years from my clients. My work is as mysterious to me as it is beautiful and powerful. Somehow-those who feel the need to reach me end up receiving the guidance and information they need at that moment to help them heal, grow and assist them on their path.

Learn More

Visit my Blog page to get some juicy intuitive tidbits, guidance and to learn more about how I work. Some of my most popular articles from the past year were:

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Visit my contact page to schedule a reading or fill out this form. I look forward to hearing from you!

61 thoughts on “About

    • Oh wow what a beautiful heailng space Julie. You are an inspiration and a powerful worker of the light energies. Thank you for bringing the higher frequencies through to this planet. Everyone drawn to you will have powerful shifts on many levels you have natural heailng intuition and you know how to use it.

  1. Hi! I enjoy you’re blog very much.Your post on “Out Loud” was in perfect sync with something else I was recently pursuing. Serendipity! I love when that happens. Thanks for stopping by my blog. – Danielle

  2. Hi Julie looks like we’re on the same page with the manifesting and 3x’s out loud, so glad to know there are other’s out there spreading the truth/
    deb the blessing chair

    • Thank you so much I am *very* appreciative! I really enjoyed your Seven Random Things and look forward to checking out the other blogs nominated. Again thank you so much– I really enjoy your blog and am so glad we connected. Have a blessed weekend! I look forward to awarding other bloggers as well. :)

  3. Julie – Glad you liked my site…it looks like we share space in many ways, and I’m smiling to take a look further into your site, your work, and your Light. Rock on…

  4. thank you for visiting my blog yogue and leaving a “like” – it is late and i’m about to go to bed after a long nursing session with my baby, but read your “manifesting” post and have to say that is exactly what i needed to read! thanks for the great work. namaste.

  5. Hi Julie,
    Thanks so much for visiting Guaya Gourmet. I’m glad it has given me the chance to check out your site. I had an amazing experience with Reiki once and completely appreciate it as a healing modality. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  6. Lovey, Julie. So much of what you write resonates with me — “heart centered”, “working with folks who are doing their healing work….” Thank you. I love, too, how you take from what folks comment on (the vibe, subject, energy, etc) and also from what you are touching on with clients during the week. What a lovely way to go about doing your blog. Many blessings to you, Julie. Blessings, Lisa

  7. Thank you so much for reading my blog and taking time to like my posts. I thought I was following yours, but somehow have not been getting your emails. I have corrected that now. I look forward to getting to read your insights. Have a great day!

  8. Hello, Nice to meet you Julie. As an empath and life coach who does inner child healing, I am beginning to see that my clients go through similar experiences at the same time. Thanks for pointing it out–now I see it more clearly. I enjoy your blog and I admire your work. Warmest wishes to you.

  9. hai… thank for visiting my blog.. u`r blog is very informative and I was in the look out for a professional like you..I`m glad that I met you….I just had a doubt..is Reiki good for diabetic patients..my mom is diabetic and I just want good amount of energy in her…

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