It’s Time to Stop Thinking You Have Control Over Other People’s Lives

We have all been there: you find something that improves your life and you want to share it with everyone. Or you see a problem with your good friend or family member and think you have the solution. You don’t!

A lot of us spend too much time and energy getting caught up in the human dramas that are other people’s lives. It is quite fascinating and offers a mental vacation for us. And a lot of time—we could be right. We can have the information to make someone else’s lives better. It really doesn’t matter though because if someone isn’t ready to hear information it won’t help them.

My belief is that everyone comes into this world to learn lessons and grow on a soul level. Everyone needs to learn these lessons in their own time and in their own way. While it is difficult to watch a loved one go through a hard time—you can’t help them unless they want to be helped. How do you know if someone wants your help? They ask you in a very specific way. This is especially important to people working in the healing professions to keep in mind. It is essential to keep it in the container of your session.

How do you feel when someone says to you “You know what would really help you?” or “You really need to try…”. Most often you are not drawn to the suggestion. And if the suggestion does spark you—then great! But chances are you would have found out about it another way.

On the other hand—if you keep hearing about something it is intuitive information you are meant to pursue. So when I mean don’t share information—I mean getting the idea in your head that you have just the answer to someone’s problems such as a new way of eating, exercise etc. Because this type of helping is based in ego.

A higher way is just saying a brief prayer that the person gets the help/information/support they need. I sometimes picture two doves carrying a scroll filled with guidance and delivering the information. Set the intention that if they could really benefit from your help that they verbally ask you.

It’s not all on you and there is not much you can do but trust that it is all working out in the way is supposed to. Instead of trying to improve other people’s lives—live your life in the highest and fullest way you can.

Interested in receiving some behind the scenes information to greater improve your life and well-being? Contact me for a phone or email reading. I am deeply psychic and am committed to using my abilities in the service of helping others.

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Small Steps to Major Life Changes

In my readings I assist my clients in identifying behavior patterns that are no longer serving them. As we all know–habits can be very difficult to break. It can be overwhelming to makeIMG_1248 changes in our lives-even when we are unhappy. It reminds me of an analogy I read years ago: we are hanging from a cliff but are afraid to jump. There is something very human about choosing effortless discomfort as we are prone to do.

Some examples of issues are:

  • Always taking care of others
  • Wanting to leave an unhealthy relationship
  • Food addiction
  • Wanting to have more friendships of equanimity
  • Constant worry about money/security
  • Getting healthier

The list is endless–the point is–if you want to make a change in your life you can!

Identify the issue: The first step is figuring out the issue. This is something you already know–you just need to acknowledge it. This can be more difficult than it seems as shame, embarrassment and denial can get in the way. Admit to yourself that there is a problem.

Realize you can change: This can be the biggest obstacle to healing. We so often accept how things are that we don’t realize our lives can actually change. For example: my whole life I just accepted I would have unhealthy gums. Sometime last year I decided I could have strong gums. Shortly after that I discovered oil pulling and found a new and wonderful dentist. For the first time in my life I can floss without bleeding. None of this would have happened if I had just accepted I would be unhealthy.

Set the intention: I know I write about this all the time but it works! Set your intention and be very clear. Affirmations are incredibly helpful and a great starting point. “I take care of myself”, “I have healthy relationships”, “I sleep through the night” are some examples. It is also just as important to make sure you are speaking highly. Meaning: affirming your intentions through everyday conversations.

Realize when you are better:  We get so used to feeling a certain way sometimes we don’t notice when there is an improvement. When I get a cold I may not actually feel better even when the cold is gone because I keep telling myself I have a cold. So notice when you are better and acknowledge it. Meditation can help with this or just sitting quietly reflecting when you can.

Move on! Once you are feeling and doing better move on! Do not live through the prism of your past pain.You are better, you have changed–get ready for new relationships, learning and life experiences!

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In Light,







Allow 2014

The transition from 2013 to 2014 has been a bit rocky for many of us. In order to bring in more light we must clear out old beliefs, behavior patterns and energies that no IMG_1353longer serve us. This clearing may be making you sleepy, under the weather or feel sad or spacey. As I have written about before, energetic clearings show up in all different ways. Please know that you are now vibrating higher and will be feeling better soon. You can read more about energetic shifts and this past solstice here.

Clearings, like so many life experiences, can make us feel the need to manage people and situations. We feel if we could only plan enough, control enough, we can protect ourselves and the ones we love. This need to control is often about a basic need for safety.

Ironically, the less we try and control the safer we are. Why are we safer? Because we begin to live on faith and not fear. We allow our life to unfold the way it is meant to. We become more relaxed, therefore healthier, and understand our purpose. When we start allowing and stop controlling we bring more meaning in our lives.

We may not like it and we may resist it–but everything is brought into our lives for a reason. In fact, it is us that called it in because we needed the person or situation to help us learn and grow. Let us all attempt to accept more and control less. Let’s just let 2014 be 2014!

I remember reading this wonderful post last year about choosing a word for the year. This year I choose “witness”. I’m not going to attempt to change myself, others or situations. I am only going to witness therefore allowing more in my life.


The Bliss and Agony of Being Busy

A common phrase you likely say or hear is: “I’m so busy”.IMG_3596

Why is this? Are people busier than ever? Do we feel like we have to be busy all the time? Do we sometimes just say the phrase to fit in or possibly make conversation?

Being busy is  highly valued in our culture where our worth is often judged by how much we produce. But perhaps you feel overwhelmed and don’t want to be busy. Life can sometimes feel like we are just trying to get through our to do lists.

Are you ready to slow down? Here our my suggestions:

  • Stop saying you are busy: You actualize your life through your thoughts and words–spoken word is especially powerful. Try saying “My life is so full and I am learning how to slow down.”
  • Understand the bliss of busyness: As in every unwanted behavior–you are getting something out of it. Being busy is a wonderful distraction. You get to avoid many emotions and feelings you don’t want to deal with. In addition, being busy gives you an ego boost. Doesn’t it make you feel important?
  • Look at your fears: I feel beneath the busyness is often a hidden belief that everything will fall apart if you stop for a moment.
  • Turn off your computer: Can you spend one whole day without your computer/phone/social media of choice? Do you feel resistant to the thought of unplugging for a day? It’s interesting to hear the phrase “disconnection” associated with turing off media as you are actually doing quite the opposite!
  • Observe pets and children: They live in the moment and have life figured out!

It is highly unlikely that you will look back and wish your life was more hectic. Instead, we all end up placing the most value on the spaces between the chaos: time with loved ones, reading a good book, travel etc.

Now is the perfect time to contemplate these questions: What is important to you? What do you value? What do you want your life to look like? I’d be happy to guide you on these issues in a session.

Take care-Julie

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Easy Ways To Be Happier Now

Here are a few simple steps to make big shifts in your life now:IMG_4515

Take the 5 minute per day/7 day challenge: Sit quietly for five minutes per day.  Set a timer and sit for five minutes, best of done the same time every day. Clear your mind as best you can. Mediate on one word (calm, joy, peace). Explore grounding practices. You will see results from this exercise!

Feel like you have it already: Is there something you want in your life? Feel like you already have it. Use your imagination and see that it is already yours. This is much more effective than making a big effort. We like to busy ourselves and feel like everything should be a struggle. Think of something you want,  put it out to the universe, make a mental picture and trust it is yours. Feel gratitude that it is on the way!

Feel happy for others success: Our society encourages competition and getting ahead. Instead of feeling competitive-try feeling happy for others. Everyone is on their own unique journey and is exactly where they are supposed to be right now. We are all one and their success is your success as well. Feel happy for others and you will be happier yourself.

Go easy on yourself:  Try not to waste time being hard on yourself. If there is one truth in this world is that we are meant to experience joy as much as possible.  Stress ages us and makes us ill. Is it really worth it? Keep it light and be gentle on yourself and others.

Be well,


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  • If you would like your session recorded, please let me know the day before.
  • Schedule via text. You will likely get a faster response by texting me at 415-562-4851.
  • Be prepared: please have your list of questions/concerns for every session–you will get more out of your time with me.

Energetic Clearings and Self-Care

IMG_4466As we heal we release what no longer serves us.

This can be a behavior, belief pattern, unhealthy relationship or old emotions and experiences living within us.

The release can be intentional or subconscious. It can be an issue that you thought you let go of years ago or a behavior you all of a sudden decide you can no longer tolerate. When this happens you begin to clear and heal.

Clearings show up in many, many different forms. You may feel tired, highly emotional, anti-social and/or sensitive. Some people clear through illness and others through activity.  It is different for everyone and each situation. I have many, many years experience assisting others with emotional clearings–feel free to contact me to schedule a session.

As we enter into another Mercury Retrograde today you may be noticing heightened symptoms of an emotional clearing. This Mercury Retrograde is already feeling like an emotional whopper and it is essential to take extra good care of yourself.

  • Get extra rest and drink (a lot) more water.
  • Practice non-attachment: you may feel resistance to some of the emotions coming up. It is tempting to judge ourselves. For example: “I thought I was over this person/situation–why can’t I move on”. Understand it is okay to have the emotion-just try not to get attached to it.
  • Know that it is temporary: clearings, like everything in life, are temporary. It is just a moment in time.
  • You will be much healthier in the long term.  Unreleased emotions have the potential to cause illness.
  • As you clear you will vibrate higher and become more intuitive. :)

Take good care!-Julie

How to See the Future

As an intuitive I am committed to serving my life’s purpose in the most loving and non-judgmental way. What does this have to do with seeing the future? The most efficient method of getting information is in intending to work in the highest way and practicing non-attachment.IMG_4353

I don’t claim to predict the future but I consider myself an expert in reading energy. In other words I can read energy and have a very good sense of the current trajectory. For example, if a client asks me which job they should take I can let them know how each scenario will look like and feel. I am getting this information from their energy in that moment.

We are constantly growing and changing therefore creating shifting conditions. That being said– the ability to get a sense of the most likely outcome is extremely helpful in big and small ways. Tapping into this ability is very useful and can relieve a great deal of stress–especially of you are someone that obsesses over decisions.

Let’s say you are deciding whether or not to go to a party. It sounded fun when you initially agreed but now you are feeling tired. Will the party give you energy or will you feel resentful and tired? Should you go?

I will walk you through making this decision:

  • Sit quietly for a few moments and take a few deep breaths. Meditation grounds us in the present moment.
  • Set the intention to remove your ego and work in the highest way. The involvement of your ego can cloud your vision of the future. That is why it is often easier to read for others or situations you are not caught up in emotionally. Decide that receiving this peek into the future will serve you and the others involved in the way that will be most beneficial to all involved. This is another way of removing your ego. Again –the less ego/attachment–the more clear the picture.
  • Call in help. I love working with the Archangels in receiving information. You can also ask the Divine, the higher self of someone you trust or the wisdom that lies within you.
  • Be clear in your request. Just like I talk about in manifesting work-be very specific about the information you would like to obtain.
  • Send out an energy scout. I love this exercise and it’s always a big hit at my workshops. In your minds eye throw out a ball (in this case to the party) –then see what comes back. Go with your first feeling, vision or instinct and do not judge the information as it comes through. This exercise may sound simple or impossible to you. I can assure you that if you really want the information and set the intention of working in the highest way the answers will be yours.
  • Express gratitude for receiving information. A simple heartfelt thank you and taking a moment to appreciate will do.

I hope this information will be of service to you and those around you!

Contact me to schedule your phone or email reading. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes-Julie

Lead Me From the Unreal To the Real

Lead me from the unreal to the Real
Lead me from the darkness to the Light
Lead me from the temporary to the Eternal 

              – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 


For many years I had the honor of practicing yoga with Magana Baptiste.  In almost every class I can remember she spoke the lines above and encouraged us to memorize them. The words have been on my mind lately, as I wish to live life more and more authentically.

We all want what is real. It may show up in different ways but we are all here to experience deep meaning and love in our lives. We tend to get distracted by the unreal while in our hearts we want what is real, true and authentic.

What are some examples of what is real? We all have our own definition but for a lot of us it is…

  • Deepening our faith
  • Spending quality time with our friends, family and pets
  • Finding meaning in our lives through helping others
  • Learning, reading and expanding our horizons

There are many ways to bring more Light and Realness into your life. One easy way is affirming your intention by saying the words above. You will be pleasantly surprised by all the openings and gentle shifts that will occur.

In Light Always,


Change Your Life With Helping People

If you are looking to make a change in your life: find a new relationship, better living situation, new job or anything you feel guided to shift– call in the support of others. IMG_4182

We are all here to help each other and I believe the most effective way to manifest change in our lives is to ask for assistance of others in a specific way.

As with any manifesting work it is essential to set the intention for the most benevolent outcome of all involved. For example: if you are applying for a job –start with asking for the greatest good for everyone even you don’t get the position. Assume that the right person will get the job and if you don’t get it there is a better one out there for you. This way you are asking in the highest way (which feels great!) and you are also not getting attached to the outcome.

Here are a few different ways to call in those helping people:

  • Be a helping person:  The more of a helping person you are the more you will attract helping people in your own life. Help when you can in big and small ways without expectations.
  • Check out the Helpful People section in your home:  Make sure this part of your home feels clean energetically. Clear out unnecessary objects and get it organized. Here is a great resource to find the helping people section in your home:
  • Ask Archangel Gabriel: Angelic help can be called in anytime and the potential is unlimited. I especially like working with Gabriel in connecting me with the right people. Say a prayer, ask for help, know that it will be taken care of and express gratitude. It is important that the channels are open and closed in a formal way. I like to do this through my imagination.
  • Contact me for more specific assistance in calling in those helpful people. I have achieved incredible results in my own life through manifesting. I love helping others do the same. I look forward to scheduling a reading with you!

In Light,



Who Is Your Emotional Trigger?

I am endlessly fascinated by relationship dynamics. IMG_3180

Most interesting to me is how some people can trigger our emotions so deeply and others not at all. Someone can be an energy drain to your friend but you feel uplifted and energized by the same person. A casual remark from the wrong person can lay open old wounds. A relationship that is charged often needs no words–the wrong look can set us off.

Those who disturb us emotionally come and go and most importantly teach us what we need to heal and let go of.

Think of someone that triggers you. By trigger I mean annoys, exhausts or perhaps makes you feel irrationally angry. The characteristics that really get under your skin are a reflection of your inner self. The more you deny it the greater it is affecting you. You may not want to look at it–it is easier to feel a sense of otherness–but acknowledgement is the key to healing. You will find ways to let go and move on. You will vibrate higher and feel more free.

You can also learn about your personal growth and progress by reassessing your relationships. Likely there is someone that used to bother you and no longer does. This means part of you got the healing it needed.

Stay open to changing dynamics. As you heal that person may no longer drain or trigger you. It can be very life affirming to rekindle those relationships with a higher level of love and forgiveness. Or perhaps this person will never be in your life again but you gain a new perspective filled with understanding.

As an intuitive I am able to access behind the scenes information–why and how others are triggering you and provide you guidance on your unique path of healing. Contact me to schedule a session and we can dig in together in a fun and light-hearted way!

I also want to remind my inspiring clients and dear friends to keep doing this emotional work. I know some of you need to hear this right now. It can be challenging at times but the rewards are beyond measure.

Sending you blessings of freedom,